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"The Party Group of the Municipal Intellectual Property Office studied and discussed the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China to accelerate the construction of a demonstration city for a strong intellectual property country" Nov 5, 2022
"CISA Alert: APT Groups Had “Long-Term Access” to a Defense Organization, Exfiltrated Sensitive Data"    CPO Magazine Oct 15, 2022
"Bipartisan senators urge Biden to take executive action to create additional outbound investment screen"    Homeland Preparedness News Sep 29, 2022
"Cyberattacks by nation-states affect a majority of organizations, security pros say"    SC Media Aug 24, 2022
"Protecting against cyber threats from nation states"    Open Access Government Aug 19, 2022
"‘Blended threat’: DOJ warns of China, Russia, and North Korea allying with hackers"    Washington Examiner Jul 19, 2022
"Texas A&M’s Unreported Foreign Funding"    Wall Street Journal Jun 17, 2022
"Alibaba, Other Chinese Stocks Brace For Uncertainty As US Looks To Monitor, Restrict Investment In China"    Benzinga Jun 14, 2022
"Patent Poetry: Jury Awards $2 Billion in Trade Secret Theft Case"    JD Supra May 31, 2022
"Richard C. Owens: On IP appropriation, just say no to the WHO"    Financial Post May 23, 2022
"More than $3.65 million in illegal goods, medicine seized in 24-hour period"    Kentucky Today May 19, 2022
"Series: Types of Industrial Espionage"    National Law Review May 10, 2022
"Apple sues chip startup Rivos for alleged trade secret theft "    Inferse May 6, 2022
"As Russian Cyber Threats Grow, Securing Intellectual Property Must Be an Urgent National Security, Economic Priority"    CPO Magazine Apr 27, 2022
"State Department Launches New Cybersecurity Bureau"    CNet Apr 4, 2022
"Samsung Electronics employee allegedly caught stealing trade secrets"    SAM Mobile Mar 25, 2022
"The ex parte seizure order in trade secrets: then and now"    Reuters Feb 1, 2022


"Why It's Time to Talk About Nation-State Attacks...Again"    Info Security Nov 30, 2021
"Intellectual Property: The New Silent Target of Cybertheft"    Masuda Nov 8, 2021
"US Offers Reward for Info on Darkside Ransomware Gang"    HackRead Nov 4, 2021
"Reward Offers for Information to Bring DarkSide Ransomware Variant Co-Conspirators to Justice"    Data Breaches Nov 4, 2021
"In Other Words: Time to punish big tech's IP theft"    Argus Observer Oct 24, 2021
"POLITICS America must protect these 5 technologies if it wants to remain a superpower, intelligence officials warn"    CNBC Oct 22, 2021
"Google warns of surge in activity by state-backed hackers"    The Gaurdian Oct 15, 2021
"U.S. hosts global talks on China, Russia cyber threats"    Nikkei Asia Oct 13, 2021
"Intellectual Property Theft/Piracy News"    FBI Oct 9, 2021
"Tesla Amps Up Rivian Poaching Fight, Cites Battery Secrets Theft"    Bloomberg Oct 3, 2021
"UK to build £5bn digital warfare centre to mount ‘offensive’ cyber attacks"    The Free Press Oct 2, 2021
"Microsoft : How nation-state attackers like NOBELIUM are changing cybersecurity"    Market Screener Sep 29, 2021
"Multiple Defendants Indicted in Alleged Intellectual Property Theft Scheme"    Imperial Valley News Sep 26, 2021
"Lawmakers Share Huawei Concerns with US State Department"    Data Breach Today Sep 23, 2021
"Automotive Industry Faces Severe Data Breaches and Ransomware Threats, CybelAngel Investigation Reveals"    Businesswire Sep 14, 2021
"Acknowledging the Importance of Intellectual Property Rights on Constitution Day"    CAGW Sep 14, 2021
"HashCash Builds a Blockchain-based Intellectual Property Protection Prototype"    WFMZ News Aug 28, 2021
"Former Applied Materials Employee Convicted of Trade Secret Theft"    Bertram Aug 26, 2021
"Intellectual property protection: 10 tips to keep IP safe"    CSO Online Aug 26, 2021
"US State Department Hit By Cyber-Attack"    InfoSecurity Aug 23, 2021
"Masimo Sues Apple, Seeks to Stop Smartwatch Imports"    ORANGE COUNTY BUSINESS JOURNAL Aug 23, 2021
"State Department is hit by a cyber attack amid US efforts to evacuate thousands of Americans and Afghan allies from Kabul"    Daily Mail (UK) Aug 21, 2021
"Weighing up the state of cyber security in 2021"    Channel Asia Aug 2, 2021
"Why CISA’s China Cyberattack Playbook Is Worthy of Your Attention"    Datacenter Knowledge Jul 30, 2021
"The Cyber Apocalypse Never Came. Here's What We Got Instead."    Politico Jul 28, 2021
"Pilot Sues Delta For $1 Billion Over Trade-Secrets Theft"    One Mile at a Time Jul 15, 2021
"Couple Convicted of Theft of Biotech Trade Secrets from Genentech; JHL Biotech Founders Face Similar Charges"    California News Times Jul 9, 2021
"Feds Convict Couple in Theft of Genentech Trade Secrets"    NBC Jul 8, 2021
"Cyber retaliation, cyber deterrence, and cyber diplomacy."    The Cyberwire Jul 7, 2021
"Former CEO And COO Of JHL Biotech Charged With Conspiracy To Steal Trade Secrets And Commit Wire Fraud Exceeding $101 Million"    US DOJ Jul 7, 2021
"The future of China-US relations"    TRT World Jul 6, 2021
"US the Only Top Tier Cyber-power"    Info Security Jun 28, 2021
"DOD Offering Defense Industrial Base a ‘Krystal Ball’ Into Adversary Insights"    Nextgov Jun 25, 2021
"Ocado co-founder settles with firm over information theft claim"    The Guardian Jun 25, 2021
"Fast Track to Justice for Trade Secret Theft at the ITC: New Senate Bill Would Expand ITC Authority to Curtail Trade Secret Theft by Foreign Governments"    JD Supra Jun 24, 2021
"Biden’s Executive Order on Protecting Americans’ Sensitive Data from Foreign Adversaries"    JD Supra Jun 24, 2021
"EU to form united front to battle Chinese and Russian cyberthreats"    Nikkei Asia Jun 24, 2021
"5 Trade Secret Protection Steps Employers Should Take in Response to New Corporate Espionage in Florida Act"    JD Supra Jun 22, 2021
"Cybercriminals Increasingly Target Manufacturing, IP"    Security Boulevard Jun 21, 2021
"CBP at JFK Seizes Counterfeit Rolex Watches"    US CBP Jun 21, 2021
"National policy on intellectual property rights ready soon"    The Nation Jun 20, 2021
"The Cybersecurity 202: The U.S. government is getting closer to having a national cyber czar"    Washington Post Jun 10, 2021
"National Security Implications of the Colonial Pipeline Hack"    Law.Com Jun 10, 2021
"Sanctions for Trade Secret Thieves Part of Senate-Passed Bill"    Bloomberg Jun 9, 2021
"Steve Wozniak to Go to Trial: Apple Co-Founder Faces Lawsuit for Intellectual Property and Copyright Theft"    Entrepreneur May 25, 2021
"Russia and China accuse the UK of using cyborgs to “destroy” the West."    Decommissioning News May 15, 2021
"Moderna: A Suspension Of Intellectual Property Is A Real Threat"    Seeking Alpha May 13, 2021
"Ransomware Attack Shuts Down Massive East Coast Gasoline Pipeline"    Forbes May 8, 2021
"The US Needs to Impose Costs on China for Its Economic Warfare"    Defense One May 8, 2021
"Van Hollen, Sasse Revive Bill To Protect U.S. Intellectual Property From Foreign Theft"    Patch May 7, 2021
"Global trends will increase nation-state threats for the US in next 20 years"    CSO Magazine Apr 21, 2021
"US Bill to pressure China on trade and rights, back Taiwan"    CNA Apr 9, 2021
"Wisk Aero Sues Archer Aviation for Theft of Trade Secrets and Patent Infringement"    PR Newswire Apr 6, 2021
"US Tech Dominance Rides on Securing Intellectual Property"    Dark Reading Apr 2, 2021
"2021 Executive Leadership Predictions For A Data-Rich World"    Forbes Feb 1, 2021
"Senate Passed New Legislation to Punish Foreign Individuals and Corporations for IP Theft"    Trade Secrets Trends Jan 26, 2021
"Upcoming book reveals counterfeiters are lurking next door--wreaking havoc and endangering consumers"    PR Newswire Jan 26, 2021


"Who Owns Intellectual Property?"    The Corner (EU) Dec 13, 2020
"EMA Server Breached, Hackers Steal Pfizer/BioNTech Vaccine Data"    BioSpace Dec 10, 2020
"The Geopolitics of Cybersecurity"    The Diplomat Dec 9, 2020
"Global losses from cybercrime skyrocketed to nearly $1 trillion in 2020, new report finds"    Washington Post Dec 7, 2020
"McAfee report says cybercrime to cost world economy over $1 trillion"    Business Standard Dec 7, 2020
"Cybersecurity 2021: nation-state hacking, network vulnerability and social media manipulation"    Silicon Angle Dec 7, 2020
"Police arrest two in data theft cyberattack on Leonardo defense corp"    Bleeping Computer Dec 5, 2020
"EU eyes tougher measures against foreign industrial espionage"    Reuters Nov 25, 2020
"Commission charts increased data sharing in leaked IP strategy"    EURACTIV Nov 23, 2020
"Cybercrime will total $ 10.5 trillion in 2025"    Business Aviattion News Nov 23, 2020
"Hackers 'try to steal Covid vaccine secrets in intellectual property war'"    The Guardian Nov 22, 2020
"Four Key Disciplines for Intellectual Property Protection"    MedTech Intelligence Nov 20, 2020
"Cyber espionage; the unwanted growth industry"    Innovation Australia Nov 18, 2020
"ThreatList: Pharma Mobile Phishing Attacks Turn to Malware"    ThreatPost Nov 17, 2020
"Russia, North Korea Accused Of Hacking Vaccine Research"    Law 360 Nov 13, 2020
"Beware Of Online Scammers"    JD Supra Oct 29, 2020
"Price Controls Are Intellectual Property Theft by a Different Name"    Townhall Media Oct 27, 2020
"An assessment of Donald Trump’s record on trade"    The Economist Oct 24, 2020
"Decade-long Oracle-Google copyright case heads to top US court"    Economic Times Oct 6, 2020
"Qualcomm Wins Antitrust Appeal, But Why?"    ElectroPages Aug 18, 2020
"European Union hits Chinese, Russian hackers with first-ever cyberattack sanctions"    Global News Jul 31, 2020
"America's top tech CEOs can't agree on whether China steals from them"    CNN Jul 30, 2020
"EU sanctions Russian, Chinese hackers over alleged cyberattacks"    Deutsche Welle Jul 30, 2020
"EU imposes sanctions on Russian, North Korean, Chinese groups and individuals for major cyberattacks"    The Hill Jul 30, 2020
"Weaponizing Intellectual Property: the Scientist and the Spy"    CounterPunch Jul 22, 2020
"Feds execute search warrants at two manufacturing plants in Rochester"    WHAM Jul 22, 2020
"Trump ends preferential economic treatment for Hong Kong"    Outlook India Jul 15, 2020
"The chance of data being stolen in a ransomware attack is greater than one in ten."    Security Boulevard Jul 13, 2020
"Online training program focuses on intellectual property protection"    Dayton Daily News Jul 10, 2020
"Bill Aims to Protect Intellectual Property on Campuses"    Malaysia Sun Jun 20, 2020
"Fear of the enemy or Trump's cure all?"    China Global Television Network Jun 19, 2020
"The US wants to kill part of an 8,000 mile-long undersea cable linking Hong Kong with LA over China spying fears"    Yahoo News Jun 18, 2020
"University of Dayton School of Law, Air Force Research Laboratory create online intellectual property training program"    Univ. of Dayton Jun 15, 2020
"US Intelligence Reports Warn Of Increasingly Dangerous Cyber ‘Cold War’ - OpEd"    Eurasia Review Jun 14, 2020
"Senators introduce the Protecting American Intellectual Property Act"    ITPro Jun 12, 2020
"Disunited Democracies Cannot Face the Challenge of China"    Chatham House Jun 4, 2020
"The way to defeat China is to be true to ourselves"    Washington Post Jun 3, 2020
"US trade export, import with China slumps by 45% in just 7 months"    BusinessGhana Jun 3, 2020
"Time for smart leaders to come forward on relations with China"    The Hill Jun 3, 2020
"To punish China, Trump begins to revoke Hong Kong trade privileges"    Politico May 29, 2020
"Kaspersky reveals new details into series of targeted attacks on industrial companies"    Kaspersky May 28, 2020
"Defendant sentenced to prison for stealing aircraft trade secrets now faces charges for lying"    US DOJ May 21, 2020
"Cybersecurity: UK manufacturers most attacked industry - NTT"    Manufacturing Global May 20, 2020
"U.S. Trade Representative Releases 2020 Special 301 Report"    JD Supra May 13, 2020
"Comcast Loses IP Theft Case to TiVo"    Breitbart Apr 30, 2020
"Autonomous Driving Startup Zoox Agrees to Settle Lawsuit Filed By Tesla Over Stolen IP"    FutureCar Apr 15, 2020
"These are the countries trying to hack US critical infrastructure"    TechRepublic Apr 6, 2020
"Defend Trade Secrets Act Goes International"    Law.Com Apr 3, 2020
"Evolutions in the U.S. Chinese-Hacking Indictment Strategy"    LawFare Apr 3, 2020
"Levandowski Admits to Stealing Waymo’s IP"    Security Boulevard Mar 26, 2020
"AMD Releases Statement on Theft of Graphics IP"    ExtremeTech Mar 25, 2020
"The Great Chinese Wall – Part 1"    Times of India Mar 24, 2020
"Ex-Inspector General indicted for stealing data on 250k govt colleagues"    Naked Security Mar 10, 2020
"Global Threat Report Has Key Takeaways for IP-Intensive Companies"    IP Watchdog Mar 10, 2020
"Rebelling over Huawei would send China the wrong signal"    The Standard (UK) Mar 10, 2020
"The Trump Administration Takes on Google’s IP Theft"    American Greatness Mar 6, 2020
"Cracking down on theft of U.S. research"    Richland Source Mar 6, 2020
"Trump Versus Comcast"    NewsMax Mar 6, 2020
"Singaporean named to head intellectual property agency"    Seattle Times Mar 4, 2020
"‘Google v. Oracle’ Could Undermine Gains With China"    Inside Sources Feb 27, 2020
"Another global pandemic we’re not talking about: Theft of IP"    ELETimes Feb 27, 2020
"RSA Conference: More countries willing to steal economic secrets"    IT World Canada Feb 27, 2020
"Europe Becomes a Battleground Over Huawei and 5G"    Courthouse News Feb 12, 2020
"Huawei, 5G and the UK: What is the real risk for enterprises?"    CSO Online Feb 12, 2020
"Huawei takes Verizon to court for alleged patent infringement"    ZDNet Feb 6, 2020
"Trump Wins on China Trade Deal"    American Free Press Feb 5, 2020
"FBI: Stealing of Ideas for New Technology Increases"    VOA Jan 19, 2020
"US-China Trade Deal Draws Praise, But Leaves Considerable Unfinished Business"    VOA Jan 16, 2020
"SEC Sets Disclosure Expectations on IP Risks Associated with International Operations"    Lexology Jan 2, 2020


"Uber Suffers Setback in Defense Against Waymo’s IP Infringement Case"    BeInCrypto Nov 10, 2019
"9 Ways Data Vampires Are Bleeding Your Sensitive Information"    Informationweek Oct 31, 2019
"An Alphabet Employee Was Charged With Stealing Intellectual Property: Employee Monitoring Can Prevent Future Incidents"    IT Security Central Aug 30, 2019
"Levandowski’s Fate May Turn on the Meaning of ‘Trade Secret’"    Wired Aug 29, 2019
"Google Burned By Insider Who Actively Competed Against His Employer’s Bottom Line"    Clearance Jobs Aug 29, 2019
"Former Seattle Tech Worker Indicted on Federal Charges for Wire Fraud and Computer Data Theft"    US DOJ Aug 28, 2019
"Eight Defendants Charged with Running Two of the Largest Illegal Streaming Services in U.S."    US DOJ Aug 27, 2019
"Former Star Google and Uber Engineer Charged With Theft of Trade Secrets"    New York Times Aug 27, 2019
"New cadre of experts to overhaul DoD’s intellectual property policie"    Federal News Network Aug 27, 2019
"Ex-Uber Engineer Levandowski Charged With Trade-Secret Theft"    Wired Aug 27, 2019
"America's colleges and universities are aggressively addressing foreign threats"    The Hill Aug 22, 2019
"New Warning As Hackers Use Google Drive To Bypass Corporate Security: Report"    Forbes Aug 13, 2019
"Nation State Threats"    Cyber Defense Magazine Aug 13, 2019
"Flamethrower row: Escobar's brother demands $100 mn from Elon Musk"    Zee News Jul 12, 2019
"Russia’s MTS Signs 5G Deal With Chinese Telecom Giant Huawei, Reports Say"    The Moscow Times Jun 6, 2019
"Leading fruit breeders form alliance to fight rising IP infringement"    Fresh Fruit Portal Jun 6, 2019
"Two Louisiana Residents Indicted for Conspiracy to Steal Trade Secrets"    US Dept. of Justice Jun 5, 2019
"Chinese Spies Stole NSA Cyber Weapons Before They Were Leaked by Shadow Brokers"    CPO Magazine May 20, 2019
"Zillow Sues Rival Compass Alleging IP Theft And Breach Of Contract Over Its Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, And Cloud Computing Real Estate Technologies"    JD Supra May 16, 2019
"A New Era of Warfare Begins as Cyberattack Leads to Airstrikes"    Gizmodo May 6, 2019
"Chinese spies acquired NSA tools, used them to attack US allies: report"    The Hill May 6, 2019
"Drug Lab Cyberattack Puts Spotlight on IP Theft Threat"    Bank Info Security May 3, 2019
"Intellectual property theft by Chinese corporations take a toll, but so does homegrown poaching"    EIN World News Apr 9, 2019
"Report: Hackers sneak into multiple networks once they get in"    UPI Apr 2, 2019
"Weak links in the defense supply chain"    FCW Mar 31, 2019
"NSA contractor arrested in biggest breach of U.S. secrets pleads guilty"    Pulse (Nigreia) Mar 29, 2019
"Former NSA contractor admits stealing secrets in biggest security breach in US history"    Washington Examiner Mar 28, 2019
"Plagiarism Policing and Profit"    Inside Higher Ed Mar 8, 2019
"The Week in Tech: Chinese and Iranian Hackers Have Returned"    New York Times Feb 22, 2019
"Russian hackers can breach an entire computer network in 18 minutes"    Nine News (AU) Feb 22, 2019
"No more MOUs! USTR Lighthizer tweaks trade terminology after dispute with Trump"    Reuters Feb 22, 2019
"Coons, Tillis to lead Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Intellectual Property"    Dover Post Feb 8, 2019
"Trump Tipped to Ban Chinese Equipment from U.S. Mobile Networks"    Fortune Feb 8, 2019
"U.S. charges hackers, traders with stealing SEC filings"    Reuters Jan 15, 2019
"SEC Charges Hackers Who Broke Into EDGAR Database And Traded On Stolen Secrets"    Forbes Jan 15, 2019
"Huawei unveils cutting-edge ‘big data’ chip as China pushes for reduced reliance on technology imports"    South China Morning Post Jan 8, 2019
"Game-maker turned poacher? Grand Theft Auto in legal twist"    The Herald Scotland Jan 7, 2019
"The US Justice Department Is Just Getting Started Against State-Backed Hackers"    The Diplomat Jan 3, 2019


"Trump should find a trade victory with China at the G-20 — before it’s too late"    EIN News Nov 23, 2018
"Trump’s Tightrope Trade Walk"    Brown Political Review Nov 20, 2018
"War of words between Mike Pence, Xi Jinping at APEC summit: Here’s what they said"    The County Weekly News Nov 19, 2018
"China calls for multilateralism, free trade system with EU"    PressTV (IRAN) Oct 20, 2018
"California Man Sentenced For Copyright Infringement"    U.S. Dept. of Justice Oct 15, 2018
"Apple stole Qualcomm chip secrets and gave them to Intel, Qualcomm claims"    ARS Technica Sep 25, 2018
"Steps to Protect American IP from China"    Industry Week Sep 19, 2018
"T-Mobile Database Breach Exposes 2 Million Customers' Data"    Data Breach Today Aug 27, 2018
"T-Mobile Alerts 2.3 Million Customers of Data Breach Tied to Leaky API"    Threat Post Aug 24, 2018
"GE trade secrets case raises cybersecurity questions"    The Daily Gazette Aug 4, 2018
"Honeytrap spy stole secrets of new RAF jet"    Daily Mail (UK) Aug 4, 2018
"Three members of notorious “FIN7” criminal ring in custody for attacking more than 100 companies"    DataBreaches Aug 1, 2018
"Three members of notorious “FIN7” criminal ring in custody for attacking more than 100 companies"    DataBreaches Aug 1, 2018
"2017 a ‘watershed year’ in IP theft"    IP Pro Aug 1, 2018
"US DoD prepares software “Do Not Buy” list"    Enterprise Times Jul 31, 2018
"One Hotel in Silicon Valley is a 'honeypot hotbed for Russian and Eastern European escorts'"    EIN News Jul 29, 2018
"Human Longevity sues J. Craig Venter Institute, alleging theft of trade secrets"    The Virginia Pilot Jul 23, 2018
"NSA leader creates task force to fight Russian cyberattacks"    Engadget Jul 22, 2018
"Symantec Unveils New Technology to Counter Cyber Attacks"    Nasdaq Jul 18, 2018
"Is this the last chance to save the WTO?"    EIN News Jul 1, 2018
"Asian nations form united front as Donald Trump goes it alone on trade"    South China Morning Post Jul 1, 2018
"New Types of Section 337 Investigations at the International Trade Commission"    IP Litigation Current Jul 1, 2018
"These 7 nation-state backed hacks have put us on the brink of a global cyber war"    Security Boulevard Jun 28, 2018
"Tesla Received Tip That Former Employee Was Going to 'Shoot the Place Up'"    The Street Jun 21, 2018
"Tesla sues former employee for $1 million over trade secret theft"    Techcrunch Jun 20, 2018
"Tesla′s Elon Musk Has Warned Staff About an Unnamed Employee Who Has Conducted 'Extensive and Damaging Sabotage.' "    EIN News Jun 19, 2018
"Ex-CIA employee charged with leaking 'Vault 7' hacking tools to Wikileaks"    The Hacker News Jun 18, 2018
"Joshua Adam Schulte Charged with the Unauthorized Disclosure of Classified Information and Other Offenses Relating to the Theft of Classified Material from the Central Intelligence Agency"    DOJ Jun 18, 2018
"Fitbit Employees Charged With Having Stolen Trade Secrets"    CBS Jun 15, 2018
"EU Claims Kaspersky Lab Software 'Confirmed as Malicious'"    Bank Info Security Jun 15, 2018
"FBI announces arrest of 74 email fraudsters"    ZD Net Jun 11, 2018
"Senators aim to call Facebook, Google, Twitter to hearings"    The Gazette Jun 8, 2018
"A War Against Hackers: U.S. Is Focusing To Encounter Cyberthreat"    NewsGram Jun 3, 2018
"Homeland Security detected signs of cell phone spying in Washington DC"    The Verge Jun 3, 2018
"Trump causing chaos"    Princeton George Citizen Jun 1, 2018
"Education emerges as prime target of cybercriminals"    CIO May 28, 2018
"Koreas’ market opening must accompany protection of industrial property rights"    EIN News May 27, 2018
"USTR Releases 2018 Special 301 Report on Intellectual Property Rights"    Global Trade Magazine May 4, 2018
"US identifies IP infringing countries"    Advanced Television May 1, 2018
"Robert Reich: While China Picks Winners, Trump Picks Losers"    YubaNet Apr 16, 2018
"Aviation Industry May Be Vulnerable To Cyberattack Through Its Global Supply Chain"    Forbes Apr 11, 2018
"GOP senator rips Trump tariffs: Don't use 'real people' as collateral damage"    The Hill Apr 5, 2018
"Co-Owner & CEO of Computer Company Sentenced for Conspiring to Steal Intellectual Property"    US DOJ Apr 5, 2018
"Trade wars, Trump tariffs and protectionism explained"    EIN News Mar 23, 2018
"Trump grants tariff exemptions for EU and others on steel and aluminum"    CNN Mar 22, 2018
"What’s Intellectual Property and Does China Steal It?"    Bloomberg Mar 22, 2018
"U.N.: China IP filings soar, hard to judge if it plays fair"    Asahi Shimbun Mar 22, 2018
"Cyber-Enabled Economic Warfare: Assessing US Strategy"    The Diplomat Mar 21, 2018
"U.S Startup NuCurrent Sues Samsung For Intellectual Property Theft Relating to Wireless Charging"    Gizmo China Mar 17, 2018
"Judge eases feds' case against NSA hoarder"    Politico Mar 17, 2018
"Amrock ordered to pay $706 million for stealing trade secrets from HouseCanary"    Housing Wire Mar 15, 2018
"Cyber WAR: US and Russian hackers UNCOVERED after leaving EVIDENCE on a Chinese server"    Express (UK) Mar 10, 2018
"Google's ​quantum computing breakthrough: Our new chip might soon outperform a supercomputer"    ZDNet Mar 9, 2018
"What is AndroRAT? New Android malware comes with extensive spying and data-stealing abilities"    Brinkwire Feb 17, 2018
"'Olympic Destroyer' Malware Hit Pyeongchang Ahead Of Opening Ceremony"    Wired Feb 12, 2018
"Cyberattack Aimed to Disrupt Opening of Winter Olympics"    Information Week Feb 12, 2018
"A raucous Google-Uber fight is finally heading to trial" Feb 4, 2018
"Rebuild Manufacturing: The Key to American Prosperity"    Industry Week Feb 2, 2018
"Exclusive: Aspen Institute launches cybersecurity initiative"    AXIOS Jan 31, 2018
"China goes on tech-hiring binge and wages soar, closing gap with Silicon Valley"    Reuters Jan 24, 2018
"Did Trump just start a trade war with China?"    CNN Jan 23, 2018
"Factbox: Trump administration prepares for raft of trade decisions"    Reuters Jan 23, 2018
"China Sends Top Economic Adviser to Davos as Trade War Concerns Grow"    VOA Jan 23, 2018
"Baltimore CBP seizes nearly 3,000 counterfeit stainless steel sinks"    Homeland Preparedness News Jan 23, 2018
"Chinese Hacking Against Taiwan: A Blessing for the United States?"    The Diplomat Jan 23, 2018
"China, South Korea Protest US Solar, Washing Machine Tariffs"    London South East Jan 23, 2018
"China says United States is real threat to global trade"    Times of Oman Jan 22, 2018
"Businesses Report All-Time High Levels Of Fraud, Cyber, And Security Incidents During 2017"    Business Insider Jan 22, 2018
"Meltdown and Spectre: Here’s what Intel, Apple, Microsoft, others are doing about it"    ARS Technica Jan 5, 2018
"What You Need to Do Because of Flaws in Computer Chips"    New York Times Jan 4, 2018
"Understanding Those Alarming Computer Chip Security Holes: 'Meltdown' and 'Spectre'"    Fortune Jan 4, 2018
"Ex-U.S. NSA contractor to plead guilty to massive theft of secret data"    Reuters Jan 4, 2018
"Intel Chip Flaw"    Information Security Buzz Jan 4, 2018
"Researchers Discover Two Major Flaws in the World’s Computers"    New York Times Jan 3, 2018
"Ex-N.S.A. Worker Accused of Stealing Trove of Secrets Offers to Plead Guilty"    New York Times Jan 3, 2018


"A Cute Toy Just Brought a Hacker Into Your Home"    New York Times Dec 21, 2017
"White House May Restrict Some Foreign Students"    Inside Higher Ed Dec 19, 2017
"Every Single American Household Exposed in Massive Leak"    Info Security Dec 19, 2017
"Letter From Ex-Uber Employee's Lawyer Describes Targeted Trade Secret Theft, Discovery Evasion"    The Recorder Dec 15, 2017
"Ex-NSA Hackers Worry China And Russia Will Try to Arrest Them"    Motherboard Dec 1, 2017
"Industrial spying helped East Germany narrow economic gap"    Journalist's Resource Nov 20, 2017
"An Update on U.S.-China Cybersecurity Relations"    Council on Foreign Relations Nov 17, 2017
"Exclusive: This Cybersecurity Startup Raised $25M to Expand Dark Web Intel Service"    Fortune Oct 31, 2017
"Australian unis helping China's military surpass US"    The Courier (AU) Oct 30, 2017
"Trump’s China Trip to Broker Billions of Dollars in Energy Deals"    Bloomberg Oct 27, 2017
"Ottawa pushed Bombardier to partner with Airbus after Chinese merger was considered "    CBC News Oct 25, 2017
""    TEISS Oct 23, 2017
"Judge Koh Grants Samsung New Damages Trial in Apple iPhone Patent Infringement Trial"    Mac Observer Oct 23, 2017
"Canada's Electronic Spy Agency Makes Its Malware Analysis Tool Public"    CircleID Oct 20, 2017
"Google's efforts to highlight non-secure websites is paying off"    TechSpot Oct 20, 2017
"What is Hacker's Door? Old sophisticated Chinese Trojan resurfaces after more than a decade"    International Business Times Oct 18, 2017
"Mysterious cyber espionage campaign uses 'torpedo' lure to trick you into downloading malware"    ZD Net Oct 18, 2017
"Internal Actors -- Their Growth, Their Threat"    Forbes Oct 17, 2017
"You have almost certainly been hacked"    The Week Oct 15, 2017
"Why it's hard to trust the U.S. on Russia's alleged Kaspersky espionage"    Yahoo Finance Oct 14, 2017
"Trump’s Foreign Trade Policy: Opening a Pandora’s Box?"    The Market Mogul Oct 14, 2017
"What is a fileless attack? How hackers invade systems without installing software"    IT World Oct 9, 2017
"Hacker Hides Backdoor Inside Fake WordPress Security Plugin"    Bleeping Computer Sep 29, 2017
"What Is a 'Supply Chain Attack?'"    Motherboard Sep 29, 2017
"CCleaner malware might have been designed to steal trade secrets"    Digital Journal Sep 22, 2017
"The Electoral College Is a National Security Threat"    Politico Sep 20, 2017
"Hackers hid malware in official CCleaner app and millions are at risk"    Mashable Sep 18, 2017
"Institutional Theft: When Stolen Intellectual Property Is Your Business Model"    Heartland Institute Sep 9, 2017
"Hackers target research from UK universities"    The Week Sep 5, 2017
"Donald Trump's cybersecurity advisers resign en masse, accuse US president of ignoring national security"    FirstPost Aug 27, 2017
"Trump elevates U.S. Cyber Command, vows ‘increased resolve’ against threats"    Matthew Aid Aug 18, 2017
"CYBERCOM: Finally A Real Command, But Still Dual Hatted"    Breaking Defense Aug 18, 2017
"Trump lifts Cyber Command status to boost cyber defense"    Reuters Aug 18, 2017
"China regains leverage on US as top debtholder"    Nikkei Asina Review Aug 17, 2017
"Critical Infrastructure At Risk: Hackers Sell Network Access On Dark Web"    International Business Times Aug 15, 2017
"Four People Arrested And Charged In India For Game Of Thrones Priracy"    Segment Next Aug 15, 2017
"China’s Quantum Satellite Proves its Power to Transmit Unbreakable Code"    Wall Street Pit Aug 13, 2017
"Dark web marketplace allegedly selling access to 'power plants, hospitals and airlines'"    International Business Times Jul 28, 2017
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"OmniRAT-Based Android Backdoor Emerges"    Security Week Jul 17, 2017
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"Kaspersky axed from government-wide contracts"    FCW Jul 12, 2017
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"Hackers breached a US nuclear power plant's network, and it could be a 'big danger'"    Business Insider Jun 29, 2017
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"Turns Out New Petya is Not a Ransomware, It's a Destructive Wiper Malware"    The Hacker News Jun 28, 2017
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"Shadowbrokers Put Price on Monthly Zero Day Leaks"    Threat Post May 30, 2017
"Uber Just Fired The Engineer That Google Accused Of Theft"    Vanity Fair May 30, 2017
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" NSA tools hacking group Shadow Brokers starts up monthly security subscription service"    Computing UK May 30, 2017
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"AI, IoT and the end of Moore's Law add to US national security worries"    ZD Net May 11, 2017
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"Hackers Reportedly Tried to Steal Self-Driving Car Secrets From Chinese Web Company Baidu"    Slate Mar 21, 2017
"Hackers took down Adobe Reader, Apple Safari, Microsoft Edge, and Ubuntu Linux PWN2OWN 2017"    Threatpost Mar 16, 2017
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"‘No doubt’ Russians tried to undermine US election"    Irish Times Feb 14, 2017
"Ex-NSA contractor pleads not guilty to spying charges in federal court"    Matthew Aid Feb 14, 2017
"Cyber Spies: In-House Legal Fights Back Against Cyberespionage"    Legaltech News Feb 9, 2017
"Former NSA contractor may have stolen 75% of TAO’s elite hacking tools"    ARS Technica Feb 6, 2017
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"U.S. officials seize $6.5m in counterfeit goods in Puerto Rico"    Retail Dive Jul 8, 2016
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"Huawei proves Samsung is infringing its patents"    China Daily Jul 7, 2016
"APT Group 'Patchwork' Cuts-and-Pastes a Potent Attack"    ThreatPost Jul 7, 2016
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"Terror-suspect database used by banks, governments, has been leaked"    CSO Online Jun 29, 2016
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"Putting the Brakes on Intellectual Property Crime Trio Pirated Mercedes-Benz Diagnostic Software"    FBI Jun 24, 2016
"U.S. lottery firm says its 'most-prized' secrets have been taken"    Brantford Expositor Jun 24, 2016
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"Russia, China to Sign Intellectual Property Deal on Rocket Tech"    Sputnik News Jun 20, 2016
"US Deputy Homeland Security Secretary: US-Israel to sign automated cyber information sharing agreement"    Jerusalem Post Jun 20, 2016
"U.S. Cyber Command Chief on What Threats to Fear the Most"    Wall Street Journal Jun 19, 2016
"Apple IPhones Found to Have Violated Chinese Rival’s Patent"    Bloomberg Jun 17, 2016
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"White House Cyber Commission May Endorse Security Ratings System for Software"    OSINT Jun 15, 2016
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"A Russian Cybersleuth Battles the ‘Dark Ages’ of the Internet"    New York Times Jun 10, 2016
"U.S.-India cyber agreement puts more pressure on China"    FedScoop Jun 10, 2016
"Researchers Demo How To Build Nearly Invisible Backdoor In Computer Chips"    Information Week Jun 6, 2016
"The Long and Winding Road to US-India Cyber Cooperation"    The Wire Jun 6, 2016
"Chinese tech giant Huawei under U.S. investigation for North Korea ties"    UPI Jun 3, 2016
"There's a Stuxnet Copycat, and We Have No Idea Where It Came From"    Motherboard Jun 2, 2016
"China Gains Stealth Access to World's Hotels"    EIN Newsdesk Jun 2, 2016
"Federal Reserve was hacked more than 50 times in the past five years"    The Guardian Jun 1, 2016
"Critical flaws on HP, Dell, Acer, Asus and Lenovo laptops let hackers take over in 10 minutes"    International Business Times May 31, 2016
"Oil’s collapse puts secrets at risk"    San Antonio Express-News May 31, 2016
"Meet KeySweeper, the Stealthy Hardware Recording Your Keystrokes"    McAfee May 31, 2016
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"China's Huawei files patent suits against Samsung Elec"    Reuters May 24, 2016
"Here's how the US military is beating hackers at their own game"    Tech Insider May 24, 2016
"U.S. targets spying threat on campus with proposed research clampdown"    Reuters May 20, 2016
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"Foreign Hackers May Be Targeting US Presidential Candidates"    NextGov May 19, 2016
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"Protecting America's Secret Sauce: The Defend Trade Secrets Act Signed Into Law"    Huffington Post May 11, 2016
"Obama signs trade secrets bill, allowing companies to sue "    USA Today May 11, 2016
"Data-hungry cyber hackers turn gaze to connected autos"    Financial Times May 11, 2016
"Shared Interests and Responsibility: The US and China Must Join to Promote a Rules-based Cyberspace"    World Post May 11, 2016
"US’s DARPA developing technology to identify and track hackers worldwide"    Techworm May 7, 2016
"World War Web: Are nation state attacks really on the rise?"    IT Pro May 6, 2016
"U.S. tech firms urge presidential candidates to embrace trade, high-tech visas"    Reuters May 5, 2016
"Romanian hacker Guccifer: I breached Clinton server, 'it was easy'"    Fox News May 4, 2016
"‘Guccifer’ claims he hacked Hillary Clinton’s ‘completely unsecured’ server"    Washington Times May 4, 2016
"Hacker 'Guccifer': I Got Inside Hillary Clinton's Server"    NBC News May 4, 2016
"Spy malware has been delivered through Office macros for a decade: Report"    IT World Canada May 4, 2016
"The Pentagon Wants to ‘Fingerprint’ the World’s Hackers"    Defense One May 4, 2016
"Election fraud feared as hackers target voter records"    The Hill May 2, 2016
"Sneak attack on bank-message system led to global breach"    Seattle Times Apr 30, 2016
"Tick Cyber-Espionage Group Targets Japanese Companies with Daserf Backdoors"    Softpedia Apr 29, 2016
"Analysis: Are US, Israel winning or losing newest cyber battles"    The Jerusalem Post Apr 28, 2016
"Analysis: Are US, Israel winning or losing newest cyber battles"    Jerusalem Post Apr 28, 2016
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"U.S. Congress passes legislation to protect firms' trade secrets"    Reuters Apr 27, 2016
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"Phineas Fisher's Account of How He Broke Into Hacking Team Servers"    Softpedia Apr 17, 2016
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"Here's What Chinese Hackers Can Actually Do To The US Power Grid"    Business Insider Nov 23, 2014
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"JPMorgan Hacking Raises Alarm About Banks' Cyber Defences"    Bloomberg Nov 23, 2014
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