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Theft Nation: How IP Theft Drives the Chinese National Business Model, and Its Effect Upon the Global Economy.

Through careful analysis of banking, currency, trade, and other economic policies in the PRC, Theft Nation exposes a massive system of fraud and intellectual property (IP) theft which threatens the stability of the current global system of trade and commerce. This work is a synthesis of data and reports from sources around the world, aggregated and analyzed to reveal the often-secret underlying strategies that fuel the Chinese economy. This is the only work that successfully explains the foundations of the PRC’s modern approach to growth, economics, and trade.

INVNT/IP “Operation Bedbug”: China’s Stealth Campaign to Buy Up the World’s Hotels

What if we were to tell you that the Chinese government, using stealth techniques and shell companies, had just purchased 100 of the world’s top hotels, presenting new security risks almost overnight at locations used until now for global business meetings, government gatherings, and technology conferences?

What if we were to tell you that the actual number was almost 3,000, and growing?

In the following pages, you’ll read, for the first time, of the extent of a massive, well-disguised program we have code-named “Operation BedBug.” We’ll include names, shell companies, financial backing, family connections, weird “champion” growth rates resulting from government funding, and the brand names and locations in your local town or city.

Perhaps most important, we are including an interactive map making this information instantly accessible on a per-property basis worldwide.

If you care about keeping your secrets secret, you’ll find “Operation BedBug” indispensable.