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Stolen Steel: PRC Steel and Aluminum Strategy A Long-term Play for Global Domination

INVNT/IP Flash Report: Stolen Steel PRC Steel and Aluminum Strategy A Long-term Play for Global Domination For nearly a decade now, INVNT/IP has tracked the ongoing economic campaigns run by the government of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) to

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China Gains Stealth Access to World’s Hotels

The SNS INVNT/IP Global Consortium’s Code-named “Operation BedBug” has Just Uncovered a Massive Spree of Acquisitions in the Hospitality Industry by the Chinese Government and Its Affiliates, Sparking Major Security Concerns for Global Business Leaders and Government Officials The Strategic

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Operation BedBug: China’s Stealth Campaign to Buy the World’s Hotels

Hotels Owned, Indirectly Controlled and Influenced by Chinese Government Interests Locations of Chinese government-owned, controlled and affiliated hotel properties. This map currently contains 2,818 locations worldwide, properties with a total valuation of hundreds of billions of US dollars. View the

Open Letter: Why Chinese Investment in American Hotels Could Be The Kiss of Death for Their Elite Events Business

Distinguished Member of the US Hospitality Industry, The recent spate of US and European hotel acquisitions by Chinese interests has the hospitality industry abuzz. From Anbang Insurance’s 2015 purchase of Manhattan’s landmark Waldorf Astoria to the more recent acquisition of

SNS INVNT/IP Consortium Director of Research Issues Warning to US Hospitality Industry

Open Letter to US Hotel Owners and Managers Highlights Risks of Chinese Government Investment Strategic News Service’s INVNT/IP Consortium issued an open letter warning last week [March 24, 2016] regarding Chinese government investment in the US hospitality industry. The letter

SNS INVNT/IP on BBC Business Matters

From the BBC: “China’s State Council is due to announce fresh GDP figures for 2015 soon after we go to air. Official sources are predicting that they’ll show growth of around 7% but does that number reflect anything like reality?

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“60 Minutes” on Cyber-Espionage with SNS INVNT/IP

To All SNS Members: As a member of SNS, you are no doubt aware of our ongoing efforts to reduce state-sponsored theft of crown jewel intellectual property, under the auspices of the global consortium INVNT/IP (Inventing Nations vs. Nation-Sponsored Theft

China: Innovator or Thief?

From the BBC Business Daily: China’s latest factory data is the worst in 3 years. What’s wrong with China’s business model? Mark Anderson is CEO of InventIP, a consortium of US companies and experts who’ve put together a report, claiming

Chinese Economy Facing Collapse: New Report Indicates up to One-Half GDP Growth Rooted in Theft and Fraud

Research by INVNT/IP Consortium Shows Instability Is Natural Result of PRC National Business Model A study just completed by the INVNT/IP Global Consortium suggests that China is experiencing a serious episode of domestic economic collapse, with up to 50% of

COFES Keynote: Security, Risk, and Software: Protecting Crown Jewels from State-sponsored Theft

Mark Anderson, Founder & CEO, INVNT/IP Security, Risk, and Software: Protecting Crown Jewels from State-sponsored Theft COFES 2015: Stepping Back to See the Big Picture