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China Gains Stealth Access to World’s Hotels

marketwiredThe SNS INVNT/IP Global Consortium’s Code-named “Operation BedBug” has Just Uncovered a Massive Spree of Acquisitions in the Hospitality Industry by the Chinese Government and Its Affiliates, Sparking Major Security Concerns for Global Business Leaders and Government Officials

The Strategic News Service (SNS) Global Consortium, Inventing Nations vs. Nation-sponsored Theft of Intellectual Property (INVNT/IP), has just released findings from a previously secret research project, “Operation BedBug.” These discoveries, featured in a special Fox News report last Thursday, describe a massive global acquisition of hotels funded by the government of the People’s Republic of China (PRC).

The risk of collusion and spying on behalf of the Chinese government is so high that US government representatives are not allowed to hold sensitive meetings in locations owned by the Chinese government, known to be the planet’s greatest perpetrator of nation-sponsored IP theft,” noted INVNT/IP Director of Research Evan Anderson in describing China’s new campaign.

“Operation BedBug” is one aspect of the culmination of 5 years of economic research done by INVNT/IP in tracking the dynamics and threat environment of nation-sponsored intellectual property theft. The firm’s just-released white paper, “Theft Nation,” has been described as the “best available description of the Chinese national economy” by the United States Department of Justice.

invnt-ip-logoAn interactive map of potentially compromised hotel locations can be found at the INVNT/IP website, detailing brand names and management, and showing political connections to Chinese government families.

We will not be hosting our technology or business conferences at any of the hotels on this new map,” SNS CEO Mark Anderson said this week. The company recently joined the White House and the US State Department in moving events from the Waldorf Astoria after its recent purchase by China’s Anbang Insurance Group.

INVNT/IP is a global consortium of private firms seeking to reduce nation-sponsored theft of intellectual property since its founding in 2011. INVNT/IP conducts research and advocacy work to protect inventing companies and countries from nation state-actors and their affiliates. INVNT/IP staff give cabinet-level briefings to corporate officers and leaders in all branches of government in the US, UK, EU, and Australia. Corporate members receive access to all levels of INVNT/IP research, for the purpose of better protecting trade secrets from nation-sponsored theft.

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